Matchplay tournaments

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Matchplay tournaments

Postby TheLamb » Mon Aug 27, 2012 4:37 pm

This was an idea I swiped from the Boston and San Fran scrabble scenes. I've been running a Matchplay tournament in Ottawa this summer, and people have been enjoying it. It's a great opportunity to get more Scrabble in over the summer months. And people get to play opponents they might not see at club.

I'd encourage folks to give something like this a try. I'll happily provide pointers, if you're interested!

Here's the event website. We're nearing the end of the tournament!
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Re: Matchplay tournaments

Postby dacrON » Tue Aug 28, 2012 2:15 pm

The SF results can be found here:

Amazingly, despite starting in January, we still have up to five matches to go, since NorCal players are notorious for traveling the world (you might say the tournament operates on Jesse Day time). Perhaps Jason and Kenji will play one day, perhaps not. The world can only guess. For now, I'll enjoy my spot in the finals.

As a note, in the winners bracket finals between XP and me, there were 9 mojitos# consumed between the two players. That figure decidedly does NOT include G&Ts.

Round 2 of Jesse Day is Matchplay will probably see a pool-play + single elimination bracket for those who make it out of pool play. We'll see when that ever gets started, though.
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