Entrants for Niagara Falls, ON CSW Lexicon
May 20-22, 2017

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Entrants list last modified: April 29, 2017 12:52:39 PM (Eastern time)
Number of registered players: 116 (96 confirmed and 20 tentative)

Number of games: 22

Note: This entrants list is using current ratings.

Director's notes:
22 games, HUGE prizes, great times!

Elie Dangoor, chairman of WESPA, has made a generous personal donation of $9000 to the Collins prize pool! Come and join in the fun and give Collins a try - play for the big cash with players from around the world! There will be very generous class prizes in the Collins Open so players of all ratings will have a chance at winning cash.

Total projected prize pools based on current registrations:

Collins Open (based on 110 players): $18000
TWL Open (based on 48 players): $4000
TWL B (based on 36 players): $2000

The Scotiabank Convention Centre is conveniently located to the Fallsview tourist area in Niagara Falls and is walking distance to many hotels, the Fallsview Casino and the Horseshoe Falls themselves. There are hotels of every description and to fit every budget in Niagara Falls, the closest of which are the very nice Marriott hotels right across the street from the venue. Some of the more budget-friendly options in the Fallsview area include the Rodeway, Comfort Inn Fallsview, Best Western Fallsview, Holiday Inn by the Falls, Quality Inn and others. The cost of hotel rooms in this area increases as the date approaches - book your rooms early to avoid disappointment, especially since this is a Canadian long weekend. Many hotels (though not all) in Niagara Falls charge for parking, as does the venue - this is a very busy touristic area. If budget is a serious concern for you, consider carpooling and staying at one of the hotels with free parking (Quality Inn, Holiday Inn, etc) and walking to the venue.

Division 1
scouting report / head-to-head
1.  Nigel Richards 2155MYS17.9  history
2.  Dave Wiegand 2147OR17.8  history
3.  Lewis Mackay 2143GBR17.8  history
4.  Adam Logan 2117ON17.5  history
5.  Jesse Day 2096NY17.3  history
6.  Evan Berofsky 2086MI17.2  history
7.  Rob Robinsky 2062MN16.9  history
8.  Evans Clinchy 2034OR16.6  history
9.  Joel Wapnick 2023OH16.5  history
10.  Conrad Bassett-Bouchard 2013PA16.4  history
11.  Matthew Bernardina 2004NC16.2  history
12.  Joey Krafchick 1979GA15.9  history
13.  David Koenig 1976VA15.9  history
14.  Ben Schoenbrun 1966NJ15.8  history
15.  Jason Keller 1965NJ15.8  history
16.  Piotr Andronowski 1957Sco15.7  history
17.  Sam Rosin 1948DC15.6  history
18.  Marty Gabriel *1925IL15.3  history
19.  Bradley Whitmarsh 1924MA15.3  history
20.  Jeremy Hildebrand 1919ON15.2  history
21.  Austin Shin 1912GBR15.1  history
22.  Chris Lipe 1909MO15.1  history
23.  Stefan Rau 1903NY15.0  history
24.  Quinn James 1890SC14.8  history
25.  Arham Abidi 1871ON14.6  history
26.  Rasheed Balogun *1870TX14.5  history
27.  Marlon Hill *1858MD14.4  history
28.  Tim Weiss 1856NJ14.4  history
29.  Steve Polatnick 1856FL14.4  history
30.  Amit Chakrabarti *1848NH14.2  history
31.  Winter 1847TX14.2  history
32.  Geoffrey Newman 1846ON14.2  history
33.  Tony Leah 1841ON14.2  history
34.  David Annor *1837OH14.1  history
35.  Scott Jackson 1834MN14.1  history
36.  Femi Awowade 1826GBR13.9  history
37.  Matthew O'Connor 1818NY13.8  history
38.  Anand Buddhdev 1812NLD13.8  history
39.  Puneet Sharma 1808CA13.7  history
40.  Ezekiel Markwei 1799FL13.6  history
41.  Christopher Vicary 1793Eng13.5  history
42.  Vincent Boyle 1786Sco13.4  history
43.  Becky Dyer 1782TX13.3  history
44.  Elie Dangoor 1770Eng13.2  history
45.  David Whitley 1768CA13.1  history
46.  Gabriel Gauthier-Shalom 1765ON13.1  history
47.  Andrew Golding 1744QC12.8  history
48.  Orlet Bullock 1725BRB12.5  history
49.  Leslie Charles 1712TTO12.3  history
50.  Scott Garner 1710TN12.3  history
51.  Fidelis Olotu 1698GBR12.1  history
52.  Jason Broersma 1671ON11.8  history
53.  Mpakaboari Jack 1669NGA11.7  history
54.  Jason Ubeika 1654ON11.5  history
55.  Daniel Blake 1644NY11.4  history
56.  Priya Fernando 1643ON11.3  history
57.  John Chew *1642ON11.3  history
58.  Rodney Judd *1635ON11.2  history
59.  Karen Richards 1625AUS11.1  history
60.  Roland Filio 1621CA11.0  history
61.  Jim Brennan 1613ON10.9  history
62.  Andy Saunders *1603ON10.8  history
63.  Amy Byrne 1602Sco10.8  history
64.  Shan Abbasi 1597ON10.7  history
65.  Dorcas Alexander 1593PA10.6  history
66.  Mina Le 1593FL10.6  history
67.  Patricia John 1593TTO10.6  history
68.  Walker Willingham 1589WA10.6  history
69.  Daniel Milton 1570VA10.3  history
70.  Terry Kang Rau 1566NY10.2  history
71.  George Macaulay 1562SK10.2  history
72.  Sandy Nang 1557CA10.1  history
73.  Kevin Turner 1543ON 9.9  history
74.  Nuala O'Rourke 1539Northern Ireland 9.9  history
75.  Mark Francillon 1521VT 9.6  history
76.  Jennifer M Lee 1504DC 9.4  history
77.  Ruth Hamilton 1482OR 9.1  history
78.  Danny Panganiban 1471AB 8.9  history
79.  Randi Goldberg 1470MO 8.9  history
80.  Yvonne Lobo 1468ON 8.9  history
81.  Chris Ten Den 1464ON 8.8  history
82.  Shauna Petrie 1452ON 8.7  history
83.  Samantha Southard 1449NY 8.6  history
84.  Steve Krieger 1438OH 8.5  history
85.  David Nwabor *1434ON 8.4  history
86.  Supriya Devnani 1432FL 8.4  history
87.  Michal Josko *1431NY 8.4  history
88.  Paula Catanese 1425CA 8.3  history
89.  Greg Feldkamp 1417OH 8.2  history
90.  Roger Cullman *1388ON 7.8  history
91.  Paul Richards 1365AUS 7.5  history
92.  Shayan Jafrani *1364ON 7.5  history
93.  Will Nwabor *1329ON 7.1  history
94.  Cornelia Guest 1323CT 7.0  history
95.  Betzy Collins 1317ON 6.9  history
96.  Iliana Filby *1311VT 6.9  history
97.  Nicky Huitson 1293GBR 6.6  history
98.  Abdul Majid Khan 1279ON 6.5  history
99.  Troy Frost *1277ON 6.4  history
100.  Kristen Chew *1228ON 5.9  history
101.  Heidi Robertson 1175ON 5.3  history
102.  Dallas Johnson 1173OH 5.3  history
103.  Sean Baizana *1166ON 5.2  history
104.  Cheryl Melvin 1121MI 4.8  history
105.  Peter Thorpe 1101Eng 4.6  history
106.  Lindsay Bahra 1074LA 4.3  history
107.  Martyna Domurad 1039ON 4.0  history
108.  Constance J. Creech 1013MI 3.8  history
109.  Mireille Huneault 969ON 3.5  history
110.  Lynda Woods Cleary 944NJ 3.3  history
111.  Taiwo Shobande *837ON 2.6  history
112.  Deji Fasanya *831ON 2.5  history
113.  Michael Gincel 628FL 1.5  history
114.  Paul Kotey 587NJ 1.4  history
115.  Irene Gedney 405ON 0.8  history
116.  H Hardiyanto *------  history
Average rating: 1600
* = tentative

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